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Here's the list for 2024. Not much is new, these are mostly tried and true varieties that grow well in most North Idaho locations.  There's something for everybody.   If you are new to growing tomatoes, I recommend getting a plant or two from both early and late varieties. Cherry tomatoes are always productive and delicious. Hybrids like 4th of July and Early Girl are early and dependable. Some of the Heirlooms are early, such as Bloody Butcher and Early Red Chief. They are prolific bearers and taste great.  Later heirlooms like Cherokee Purple are worth waiting for. We make a point of growing only tasty tomatoes, no insipid extra early types!

​Determinate tomatoes are shorter plants. Early Red Chief, 4th of July and Bloody Butcher are not too big. Milano Plum, Kootenai and Taxi are really short. We grow our own Kootenai seeds, so try one if you want early production and a well adapted to our climate variety. They are great in pots.

This list is not really complete...a few extras always seem to get seeded. Some are quite limited in supply, and some never make it to the Farmers' Market, so if there is something you really want, try to come to the nursery. If you can't come Sunday-Wednesday, 1-6 pm in May, then call for an appointment (208) 682-9855

I have included a great article by Gary Ibsen, owner of Tomato Fest, in the FAQ section about choosing the right tomatoes for your garden. 

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Tomato Plants
for 2024

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Peppers and Chiles for 2023

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Veggie and Herb Starts

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Veggie starts at the Farmers' Market

In North Idaho, the safe last frost date is usually Mother's Day, or when the snow is off the highest peaks.  You can plant cool weather crops like broccoli, peas and lettuce  about May 1, and tomatoes about mid-May, but wait until the end of May to plant tender plants like cucumbers, squash, melons and beans. There is no need to rush the season. If it's too cold, they will just rot and die. Our long summer days speed their growth when the time is right. We harden off our plants so they are ready for the cool nights of May and June

Veggies are offered in either four packs or 3.5" pots. 

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Broccoli, kale, cabbage and lettuce starts in cold frame

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