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Grapes are always challenging for us. They are late to bud out so we are not sure they are alive when we first open in May.  Cuttings are also slow to root. For this reason we are not taking pre orders, so please check with us later. We do not ship grapes, and they are in limited supply!

Grapes are a little iffy in North Idaho. These are the hardiest i can find. Concord is the sure winner. My vine produces every year and i use a steam canner to make yummy juice. If you are in the colder microclimates, perhaps just pick Concord and Reliance. Grapes need some time to establish a good root system and structure before they start producing. If they canes freeze, they will not produce this year, but if established, will make

new canes. They are still wonderful for screens and arbors.  All these grapes are seedless except Concord.

Grape vines need sunshine and prefer not to have wet leaves at night. 

Dig a big hole for your vine, making sure you incorporate plenty of compost/manure and fertilizer down deep under the roots.  

Best fertilizer would be organic all purpose with a high middle number.  Fill soil back in and water deeply to settle. After that, water deeply but infrequently to encourage deep roots. It's a good idea to mulch your plant, especially the first winter.

We may not have all these varieties!
Feel free to message us for availability. 

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