Harvesting Grosso Lavender at the old farm in Hayden. This is about 10 plants planted 4' apart

grosso lavender.jpg

Lavender is easy to grow and is wonderful for attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. It likes full sun and is quite drought resistant once established.  Drainage is a must, but they enjoy a good deep watering once a week in mid summer. Lavender loves to be cut, with many uses for the cut stems. After bloom, round down the plants, shaping into compact balls. By cutting down fairly hard, you prevent long woody stems that will break over winter from snow.  Best of all, lavender is shunned by deer!  Plants will be available in several sizes. One and two gallon plants will bloom this year and grow quickly.

Lavender Grosso.jpg


Grosso is a large lavender plant that can grow 3' x 3' in bloom. The flower stems are long and the blooms are dark purple and very fragrant.  This is the one to use for craft work, sachets, bouquets and lavender wands.  



At the present time, Munstead is not available. 

Hidcote Lavender hedge.jpg


Hidcote is a  dark purple-blue flowered plant that is grown mostly for it's color. It's a wonderful hedge or specimen. Size is about 18" tall. Deep colored flowers dry nicely for bouquets.