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WELCOME TO THE FARM! I run a small seasonal nursery and sell at the Kootenai Farmers' Market. We are usually open for about six weeks in Pinehurst, but take appointments as needed. Hours and contact info are at the bottom of every page. We grow naturally, without toxic pesticides or chemicals. Everything is grown here. We start veggies from seed, and fruit and flowers arrive bare root or in small plugs.  This is our 28th year, and we take pride in producing healthy plants that do well for people in this tricky garden climate. You will find lots of flowers along with the small fruits and veggie starts. We have a great selection, including pansies that you will not find anywhere else. This year we have found amazing Lilac starts. When you come to the nursery, you can enjoy the garden, and in many cases we can show you the plants growing in the garden so you can see how they grow. We will try to tell you how to achieve the best success with your plants.  Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy viewing the creek if you wish.  

Grow what you need, reduce your dependence on commercial agriculture. Shortages may be right around the corner. Another looming challenge is digital money. We really prefer that you bring cash or checks to the nursery. We can take cards, but greatly prefer cash. We add a surcharge to take cards of any type. 

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST VISIT TO THE SITE: It looks best on a PC. The menu on a phone is the three red lines. They will take you to the page tabs. You will have to scroll across to see everything. 

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Note: We do not sell any GMO plants. In the homeowner seed/plant market, there are no GMO's. All the websites who tout "no GMO's " are essentially using it for marketing. There ARE lots of GMO ingredients in most everything ready made to eat these days, but in your garden you can be confident that you are growing healthy plants. There is a discussion of this in the Resources area if you are interested. We do sell some hybrids...which make up some of the local favorites like Early Girl Tomato, for example. I have tried to  balance OP (Open Pollinated) and Heirloom varieties with hybrids to suit all our garden needs. 

This is Pine Creek, right behind my house and nursery. Bring your lunch and enjoy the scenery!  It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of town.

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